7 best Hollywood movies updates: Thor 4, Black Panther 2, Extraction 2

Hey guys, today I am going to give you some latest and interesting Hollywood movies updates that I think that you guys should know about and also get excited about what Hollywood is doing in 2021

7 Hollywood Movie Updates

So, without a further due let’s get started.

  • 1. Black Panther 2:

After the shocking demise of the marvel legend Chadwick Boseman, so many rumors were roaming around social media that there will going to be a big fight scene in the first ten minutes of the movie where King T’challa going to be dead and after that, his sister Shuri will be the next Black Panther but after the confirmation of Marvel Studios Executive vice president Victoria Alonso she said: ” Marvel Studios will not going to take any advantage of the sudden death of Chadwick Boseman”. Black Panther is set to release on 8 July 2022 but because of Covid 19 situation release date can be delayed.

hollywood movies updates
Hollywood movies updates
  • 2. Thor 4:

Recently Marvel Studios confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy’s Starlord actor Chris Pratt will be in Thor: love and thunder cast it means that there is a slight chance that we can see Guardians of the Galaxy in Thor: love and thunder which hint Vin Diesel aka Groot gave a few months back and Guardians of the Galaxy,s director James Gunn also said that there will be some changes in the script of Thor: love and thunder. Currently, the filming of this movie is going on in Sydney, Australia. Thor: love and thunder is set to release on 11 February 2022.

Thor love and thunder
  • 3. Loki :

As we know Marvel Studios has wrapped up their filming of Loki (Tv Series) recently. This Tv series will follow the after events of Avengers: End Game, In Loki (Tv Series) Loki will time travel and will try to change many events in the MCU universe. Loki (Tv Series) is set to release in May 2021.

Loki (Tv Series)
  • 4. Wrong Turn :

Wrong Turn reboot is coming in our way on 26th January 2021 which is Titled Wrong Turn: The Foundation. After the success of the Wrong Turn 1&2, this movie franchise doesn’t follow its predecessors in Its next movies but let’s see if this Wrong Turn reboot will it going to impress us or not.

 Wrong Turn: The Foundation
  • 5. A Quiet Place Part 2 :

This was the film which was set to release on 22 March 2020 but one day before its release date the movie was pulled off because of the covid outbreak now the new release date has come and it is the 23rd of April 2021, this movie changed its release date several times but I am more excited about the spin-off series of A Quiet Place movie which will come in future. As a movie fan, I am very eagerly waiting for this movie but it’s all up to the Producers when they want really this movie. Because several times A Quiet Place movie release date jumped from one date to another as a fan I am hopeful.

  • 6. The Predator :

Disney is planning to film a new Predator franchise which will produce by Disney Studios but the banner title will be 20th Century Studios because of the Disney-Fox deal that Disney purchased Fox’s all rights Fox studios will not be included in the banner title. we all know that Nowadays Disney only focuses on the cinematic universe which will easily be created in this situation with an Alien vs Predator movie if Disney thinking about this.

 The Predator
  • 7. Extraction 2 :

After the big Success of Extraction Russo brothers are ready to go for the next Extraction movie which according to the rumors will be the prequel to Extraction 1 where we will see Chris Hemsworth’s many missions that he did in his past and the film will start filming this 2021 in following months.

Extraction 2

Conclusion :

So those are the movie updates that I think you would like to know. And If you have any other suggestions or questions, then don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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